Curriculum vitæ

Cyril Bornet
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2010 Master in Computer Science with specialization in Internet Computing, EPFL

2008 Bachelor in Computer Science, EPFL

2005 Maturité cantonale, Math & Physics, bilingual, Lycée-Collège des Creusets, Sion


Current positions


PhD candidate and IT manager at Digital Humanities Laboratory, EPFL (DHLAB). Actively implicated in decision making, planning and deploying network and server network solutions used for most research projects.

Teaching assistant for the Master courses Digital Humanities (prof. F. Kaplan) and Business Information Systems (prof. S. Riboni). Improvement and rationalization of course materials preparation, students projects supervision and setup of reusable remote teaching structures.

Cybor SA

Founding and administration since 2008. The company currently employs 3 people, providing various Internet services (generic as well as dedicated web hosting), custom web-oriented software and mobile applications development (iOS and Android).

As a software engineer (until 2014), consultancy (analyzing the customers’ needs, finding efficients solutions and drawing specifications sheets), undertaking and implementation of innovative solutions meeting the customers’ needs.

As a CEO and project manager (from 2014 on), establishing quotes and contracts, planification and supervision, delivering final products to the clients and ensuring perfect adoption by end users.


Past experience and academic projects

2008 EPFL (semester project): Artificial intelligence system generating music playlists for the robotic computer QB1 by OZWE, publicly presented at the «Cité des sciences» exhibition in Paris (Nov. 14th-16th 2008, Grand Palais). Software in C++ characterized by high efficiency, stability and low memory consumption in order to run as an « Internet of things » component.
2007 Daily-Soft Ltd, Lausanne: development and release of the remote teaching website, used for several years by private schools Lemania, IUKB and Buissonnets.
2006 Boutique Au Fil des Mois”, Sion: development and release of custom ERP software in RealBasic (billing, inventory and basic accounting), used on a daily basis since then.

2005 Freelance webmaster, more than 50 web sites released, most still active in 2016 and highly ranked (first results page on local Google search in their domains). Several projects in partnership with professional designers and other third parties.

Technical Skills

  • Desktop programming: C++, Swift / Objective-C, Python, OpenGL, Java, Xojo (RealBasic), Scala, C Ansi, assembler and compilation basics.

  • Web programming: PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, JavaScript, XML/XSLT/XHTML, J2EE, LDML (Lasso),  networking protocols (TCP/UDP, HTTP, SSH, DNS,…) and testing tools.

  • Frameworks and environments: Laravel, Node.js, Gulp, Semantic UI, WordPress, Facebook and Twitter APIs.

  • Scripting languages: Shell, Perl, AppleScript/Automator.

  • Systems administration: Web servers (OSX, Linux Ubuntu, OpenBSD, VMWare ESXi). Apache technologies (HTTP Server, Solr/Lucene, Hadoop), BIND, R Shiny.

  • Miscellaneous: LaTeX, Infographics, typography, hardware prototyping (Arduino), movies editing, architectural modeling of buildings, relevant experience in accounting and Swiss fiscal law.

Extra-curricular activities

  • Real estate management (budgeting and accounting)
  • Active contributor to Wikipedia and OpenStreetMap (more than 70’000 edits in 2013-2015)
  • Photography (Gurushot champion in 2018)


  • French : Mother tongue
  • English: C1; Cambridge First Certificate (2005), master lectures in english at EPFL
  • German: C1; Maturité cantonale bilingue, then 1 year at the EPFL language center (CDL)
  • Japanese: JLPT3 (Japanese Language Proficiency Test, Level 3), 2010
  • Italian: A2 – Basic knowledge.